See what is going on around Lakeside for you!
Worship Services in Lakeside Chautauqua
Dockside Worship Service, Pavilion East Deck – 8:30 a.m. Lakeside United Methodist Church Worship, 450 Central Avenue – 9 a.m. Hoover Auditorium Community Worship Service – 10:30 a.m. Sunset Vespers by the Lake, Pavilion West Deck – 8:30 p.m.
Churches in Marblehead
Chapel on the Lake, 145 S. Bridge Road. First United Church of Christ, 802 Prairie Street. Holy Assumption Orthodox Church, 114 E. Main Street. St. John Lutheran Church, 117 Stone Street. St. Joseph Catholic Church, 113 James Street. St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church, 506 E. Main Street. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 541 S. Church Road.
Churches in Port Clinton
Church of the Nazarene, 410 Monroe Street. Faith United Methodist Church, 430 Jackson Street. Firelands Presbyterian Church, 2626 E. Harbor Road. Grace Baptist Church, 4650 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road. Grace United Church of God & Christ, 1229 E. State Street. Immaculate Conception Church, 414 Madison Street. Peace Lutheran Church¸ 900 Jefferson Street. Resurrection Lutheran Church, 2370 N.E. Catawba Road. Port Clinton Baptist Church, 978 S. Limestahl Road. Port Clinton Bible, 150 Maple Street. Rebirth Church, 570 S. McKinley Drive. St. John Lutheran Church, 207 Adams Street. St Thomas Episcopal Church, 214 E. Second Street. Trinity United Methodist Church, 135 Adams Street.
Flowers for Hoover Community Worship
On Saturday evenings, the Lakeside staff turns the concert stage of Hoover Auditorium into a place of worship for Sunday morning. An enhancement that adds so much to the Community Worship Services are the fresh flowers, lovingly provided by members of the Lakeside community. Up to two arrangements of flowers can be placed on the altar for $75 each. These can be dedicated in memory or in honor of loved ones. Contact the Rev. Dr. Charlie Yoost, Director of Religious Life & Church Outreach, at if you’re interested in purchasing flowers for the altar.

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