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Farmers' Market    Walnut Avenue & Third Street
Lakeside hosts a bi-weekly Farmers’ Market from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday until Labor Day weekend. You can find the market on Walnut Avenue (between Second and Third Streets) and along Third Street in front of Hoover Auditorium. Farmers sell fresh and organic produce, honey, herbs, spices, coffee beans, loose leaf packaged tea, maple syrup, seasonal fruit, homemade pies, jams, artisan breads, gluten-free bakes, raw energy food, fresh cut flowers and homemade baked goods. This summer's Farmers' Market has nearly 20 vendors, including Al’s Vegetables, Ada Glees Garden, Bergman’s, DTF Enterprises, Easy As Pie, Elk Creek honey Farms, LLC, Farmers Wife Bread, Fresh 2U Coffee, Heywood Gardens, Miss Kitti’s, Oh Pops, Quinstock Farms, Racheal’s Veggies, Sonny Boys, Sweet & Savory, The Dogs Bag, TNT Farms, White Oak Ranch, LLC. and Tyler’s Farms. Items sold are grown or baked within a 50-mile radius; this provides the opportunity to purchase regionally-produced goods and contribute to the growth of the local economy. A complimentary Shopping/Dining Pass is available at the gates during the summer season for Farmers’ Market shopping. This complimentary pass offers admission to the Lakeside grounds for 90 minutes. The pass must be stamped by a Farmers’ Market vendor or a Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office employee in order to exit Lakeside. Auto Pass is not included. Ask a gate attendant for details.

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