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2019 Important Gate Information
Gate Hours Starting Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27) and continuing through the Chautauqua summer season (June 15-September 2), the gate hours are as follows: • Fifth Street Gate: open 24 hours • South Gate & Welcome Center: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. • East & West Second Street Gates: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. During closed hours, the South Gate Parking Lot will be accessible from inside the gates, and exiting will be out the Fifth Street Gate. The shuttle will continue its route from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. In order to control traffic, Lakeside is asking those who already have a Daily, Friday, Saturday, Weekly or Season Chautauqua Pass, and don’t need to purchase a pass, to use the East or West Second Street Gates when possible.
Barcodes & Ticket Scanning
A unique barcode and number will be printed on each Chautauqua Pass (even Season Chautauqua Passes). Starting Memorial Day weekend and continuing through the summer, every guest (adult, youth, child, season pass holder and employee) will be required to hand their Chautauqua Pass to the Gate Attendant to have their barcoded pass scanned when entering and exiting the gates.
Will Call
Lakeside will hold prepaid passes at the Welcome Center (near the Route 163/South Gate Parking Lot) for pick up when you arrive to Lakeside. Will Call is short for "Will call for," which is another way of saying "will come and get." There is no drive up window at the Welcome Center. Short-term parking spaces are located outside the building. Please use the stairs or the wheelchair accessible ramp to get to the Welcome Center. Once inside, pick up your passes from the attendant at the desk. Will Call hours are 7 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. If arriving after Will Call hours, your passes can be picked up at the Fifth Street Gate entrance off North Shore Blvd.
Emergency medical care is available at Magruder Hospital, located at 615 Fulton St. in Port Clinton, which is approximately a 15-minute drive from Lakeside. Medical care is also available at Firelands Hospital in Sandusky. Urgent care can be found at FASTrack Urgent Care, located at 135 W. Perry St. in Port Clinton. Walk-ins are accepted and there is no facility fee. For more information, call (419) 732-7800. Urgent care is also available at NOMS Urgent Care in Sandusky.
Lakeside Information Center Hours (Weather Permitting)
Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 p.m.
Steele Memorial Bandstand receives upgrades
Legacy is everywhere in Lakeside. The fellowship we share, the paths we walk and the traditions we enjoy were shaped by the hearts and hands that came before us. Fred (Fritz) Steele III and his wife, Karlyn Marie Thygesen Steele, were two people that enjoyed the legacy of Lakeside and who would go on to leave a legacy of their own, despite their years being cut tragically short by a car accident on Aug. 20, 1978. Fritz spent nearly every summer of his life in Lakeside, and Karlyn found it easy to adopt her husband’s love for the community. Fritz enjoyed playing electric guitar and Karlyn exercised her vocal talents by singing in a choir. When it came time to honor the couple with a memorial, special care was taken to ensure that their legacy, the Steele Memorial Bandstand, would honor their love for music. The Steele Memorial Bandstand has been a community gathering place for decades and continues to be a special place for open-air concerts, author visits, vespers, planned marriage proposals and a variety of family celebrations. In 2017, many Lakesiders gave gifts on #GivingTuesday to revitalize the Steele Memorial Bandstand. Thanks to your faithful generosity, necessary and beautiful enhancements will allow Lakesiders of all ages to enjoy this special gathering place this summer. Enhancements include the installation of a new electrical system that not only supports a higher-quality sound system for concerts, weddings and lectures, but also supports the controls of a brand new irrigation system. New water lines were laid in Bettinger Park for the irrigation system, and larger lines were installed for other areas of the park to receive irrigation in the future. For sustainability, permeable pavers were installed, replacing the loose rock surface of years past. These pavers provide a safer surface for walking to your seat and allow rainwater to soak into the ground and not create runoff. For seating, a total of 43 benches were added to the space. In the spring, Corso’s Flower & Garden Center and Lakeside’s hardworking Grounds Crew beautifully landscaped the park with new shrubs, annual flowers and perennial plants. Finishing touches to the bandstand included fixing the existing columns that had rotted wood, installing new wooden handrails, planting grass and mounting a beautiful copper finial to the top of the refreshed bandstand. This summer, help us celebrate the legacy of Fritz and Karlyn Steele and the generosity of Lakesiders who made these improvements possible for the 40th anniversary of this treasured spot along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile.
Jim Switzer: Senior V.P. of Municipal Services
As Lakeside’s Master Plan begins to unfold, we must continue to grow our team and deepen the project management skills needed to manage simultaneous, complex projects for the foreseeable future. It’s for these reasons that we’ve hired Jim Switzer, a Lakeside homeowner and past board member, as our newly created Senior Vice President of Municipal Services, effective April 1. Switzer brings with him a wealth of applicable skills and experiences having worked in the telecom industry for 38 years. He recently retired from AT&T with 24 years of project management experience managing the company’s installation of sophisticated networks worldwide. For the first 10 years, he served as General Manager of Network Builds in Ohio, and for the past 14 years was a director over project management organizations for national programs. Switzer will report directly to Lakeside’s CFO/COO Dan Dudley and will work closely with Lakeside’s President/CEO Kevin Sibbring. He will work to deliver on the Master Plan, especially leading up to our 150th Anniversary celebration in 2023. He will also manage Lakeside’s Vice President of Facilities & Safety Services Dave Geyer and his maintenance, security and grounds teams regarding the day-to-day operations of Lakeside. In assuming this role, Switzer has resigned from the Lakeside Chautauqua Board of Directors. However, he will be an important liaison with the board and Municipal Services Committee moving forward. While on the board, Switzer served on this committee and the Historic Preservation & Design Review Board. Switzer and his wife, Laurie, have two grown children, Alicia and Jessica. Their daughters have enjoyed summers at Lakeside and were members of the Lakeside Leadership Academy internship program in 2013 and 2014, respectively. The family of four graduated from the University of Mount Union. Switzer and his wife are active volunteers at Lakeside. The couple has served on the Lakeside Leadership Giving Team, and Laurie was a member of the Pool & Wellness Taskforce. Switzer also serves on the board of the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges. We’re confident that Switzer’s skills will quickly become evident in his service to Lakeside, especially as we implement the infrastructure study and address the need to replace all Lakeside streets, among other Master Plan priorities.
Now is their nesting time, and the males are very protective of their territory. They will dive-bomb you if they think you are too close to one of their nests (even though you may have no idea where the birds’ nests are located). Please be aware of these feathered friends around Lakeside. If suddenly dive-bombed, leave the area immediately. The red-winged blackbird is one of the most common birds in Lakeside Chautauqua. The birds are similar in size to the robin. The male is glossy black overall with red “shoulders” edged with yellow feathers. Males are also slightly larger than females. The female is brownish overall and lacks any red color. Red-winged blackbirds are polygamous. Males will defend territories in which as many as 15 females establish nesting areas. Most male territories contain about five females.

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